WEB API Overview

TIBCO Scribe® is proud to offer API messages which give you control of every single function and feature offered through the TIBCO Scribe® UI. This gives anyone the ability to automate and embed functionality into their own application, monitoring tools, or customer service applications. TIBCO Scribe® API objects, functionality, and workflow are similar to that of the TIBCO Scribe® User Interface. Often, the best way to understand how to accomplish a specific task using the TIBCO Scribe® API is to understand the steps required to achieve the same goal using the TIBCO Scribe® User Interface. Select Endpoints to try out all of these functions before you start coding. Review the How Do I... section for information on common API use cases.

See Sample Projects / Tools to get started quickly.

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The Web API provides the following functionality for all TIBCO Scribe® Organizations: