Known Issues

SCCORE-3429 / SCCORE-3430

Summary: The API returns a null value instead of an empty array for fields defined as an array under the following circumstances: 

  • GET/v1/orgs/{orgId}/subscriptions returns null for the monthlyUsage array if no value is passed in for the monthlyUsage boolean field.
  • GET/v1/orgs/{orgId}/agents returns a null value for the installedConnectors array field when there are no Connectors installed on the Agent.

Workaround: For the subscriptions API be sure to include either true or false for the monthlyUsage boolean field. For the agents API, install at least one Connector before using the GET/v1/orgs/{orgId}/agents call.


Summary: Executing an API call with a password that contains unicode characters, such as ü, fails with an error similar to the following: 

InvalidCharacterError: Failed to execute 'btoa' on 'Window'. The string to be encoded contains characters outside of the Latin1 range.

Workaround: Modify the password.



Summary: The GET Agents API function returns incorrect results if you specify both connectorId and name filters.

Workaround: None.



Summary: When creating a new Connection, TIBCO Scribe® automatically removes any special characters in the Connection name to generate the Connection Alias, which can cause the API to allow a duplicate alias. For example, if you have a Connection with the Connection Alias SQL1 and you create a new Connection via the API named SQL***1, TIBCO Scribe® removes the asterisks (***) and creates the Connection Alias SQL1. No error is generated by the API.

Workaround: Do not use special characters in Connection Names and be careful to use unique names.


40061 / SCCORE-1666

Summary: The API returns deleted Child Organizations when requesting Customers for a Managed Connector using the

GET /v1/orgs/{orgId}/managedconnectors/{connectorId}/customers endpoint. Managed Connectors can be added or removed from those deleted Child Organizations.

Workaround: None.



Summary: If you call GET ​/v1​/orgs​/{orgId}​/solutions​/{solutionId}​/history with the result filter set to CompletedSuccessfully, the API returns Solution executions that have a result of InProgress. (Case # 01911379)

Workaround: None.

76358 / SCCORE-2339

Summary: If you call GET /v1/orgs/{orgId}/solutions/{solutionId}/history/{id}/statistics or GET /v1/orgs/{orgId}/solutions/{solutionId}/history/{historyId}/errors and provide and invalid history id, the API returns a 200 success message with no additional data in the body.

Workaround: Verify the history id and try again.


57752 / SCCORE-1524

Summary: Deleting Maps via the API can take longer than expected when removing a large number of Maps. (Case # 62325, 01722596)

Workaround: None.

68856 / SCCORE-1583

Summary: Adding a Request/Reply Map to an Integration Solution instead of an Event Solution causes the Solution to fail when executed.

Workaround: Delete the Map from the Integration Solution and add it to an Event Solution.

41451 / SCCORE-1960

Summary: Renaming a Map Block via the API allows unicode characters in the Block name, which can cause issues when the name is used in a formula. The formula becomes invalid.

Workaround: None.

41400 / SCCORE-1961

Summary: Renaming a Map Block via the API allows names that exceed 50 characters. The Map and Solution are saved but are incomplete and no validation error is generated.

Workaround: You must reduce the length of the name or the Map will not compile.

41352 / SCCORE-1963

Summary: Using the API to update or Clone a Map that contains a Native Query Block sets the status of the hasBeenTested parameter on the new Map to true indicating that the Native Query Block has been tested.

Workaround: Use the POST /v1/orgs/{orgId}/solutions/{solutionId}/maps/{mapId}/nativequerytest endpoint to test the Native Query Block for the new Map. Then use the GET /v1/orgs/{orgId}/solutions/{solutionId}/maps/{mapId}/nativequerytest to retrieve the results of the test.

35837 / SCCORE-1990

Summary: Running a Map via the API validates all Connections in all Maps in the associated Solution. If there is a broken Connection in another Map, the selected Map fails with an error.

Workaround: Export the Map you want to run and import it into a separate Solution for testing. You do need to resolve the broken Connection before running the Solution.

34371 / 28130 / SCCORE-1707 / SCCORE-2263

Summary: Updating a Map via the API by changing the queryText for the Native Query Block passes validation when it should not because the Query has not been tested.

Workaround: Use the POST /v1/orgs/{orgId}/solutions/{solutionId}/maps/{mapId}/nativequerytest endpoint to test the Native Query Block for the new Map. Then use the GET /v1/orgs/{orgId}/solutions/{solutionId}/maps/{mapId}/nativequerytest to retrieve the results of the test.

25824 / SCCORE-2054

Summary: Running a Map using the

GET /v1/orgs/{orgId}/solutions/{solutionId}/maps/{mapId}/run/{commandId} endpoint with an invalid solutionId generates a 400 Bad Request code with the following error message:

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Workaround: Review the parameters and correct the solutionId.



Summary: If you use a GET, PUT, or DELETE call for /v1/orgs/{orgId}/securityrules/{ruleId} and the securityRuleId is invalid, the error message returned does not indicate that the ID is invalid. The API returns one of the following error messages: 

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Value cannot be null. Parameter name: entity

Workaround: Update the call with the correct ID.

74306 . SCCORE-1544

Summary: When a large number of Security Rules are created using the API, they do not display correctly in the User Interface. For example, when 150 rules were created, only 100 displayed in the UI. (Case # 69621, 01729741)

Workaround: If you need to view all Security Rules, you can retrieve them through the API.



Summary: Cloning Solutions using the API sometimes generates 504 Gateway Time-out errors even though the server is not busy. (Case # 01942975, 02035644)

Workaround: Check to see if the cloning process was successful. If not, try reducing the number of Maps in the Solution by moving some Maps to a second Solution and then cloning both Solutions.


Summary: Cloning a Solution with an incomplete Map that has been set to Disabled results in a new Solution with the Disabled Map set to Incomplete.

Workaround: Manually complete the Map and enable it using the User Interface.

Summary: When scheduling a Solution via the API, there is no mechanism available to schedule for more than 59 minutes or less than whole hours, preventing you from setting a Solution to run every 90 minutes or every 1.5 hours.

Workaround: Schedule the Solution via the UI.

Summary: If you need to modify either the Source or the Target Connection in your Replication Services (RS) Solution, best practice is to create a new Replication Solution. If you choose to do the modification, be sure to specify Source entities again.

Workaround: None.


37385 / SCCORE-1689

Summary: User telephone numbers are being validated by the API, even though they are text fields, which causes errors when telephone numbers with + and a country code are saved.

Workaround: Submit the number without the +.


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