Web API — Reference Application Example — Simple Monitoring 101

The TIBCO Scribe® Simple Monitoring 101 Web Application shows how to use JavaScript to call TIBCO Web API’s to review Solution Execution History. This simplified version of the Advanced Provisioning, Configuration, And Simple Monitoring 401 provides an example of how you can build monitoring for integrations configured in TIBCO Scribe® into your own application with very little effort.

If you have not already created a trial account, click Create Trial to do so now. A trial account gives you credentials to access the TIBCO Scribe® Platform Sandbox environment and this Application.

Once you have your trial Organization, go to the Simple Monitoring 101 Application to begin using it.

The Simple Monitoring 101 Application first authenticates against the TIBCO Scribe® Sandbox environment. Use the credentials for your Trial Organization and select Connect. When you see the Session Connected message, you can try out the Monitoring application by selecting the Organization and its associated sample Solution execution. The Solution history is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Get the sample source code for the Simple Monitoring 101 Application at GitLab and start customizing your own application.


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