Generating The Stripe Message Connector Code

Once you have started a new Fast Connector Messaging Framework project using Visual Studio, a Wizard displays. Use the Wizard to configure some basic information for your new Connector and generate some base code for your Connector project. The information below illustrates how to configure the Wizard and the implications of that configuration in the context of the sample Stripe project. When you have completed the Wizard, click Build Project to create your Connector project in Visual Studio.

Connector Information

In the Wizard dialog enter information that is related to registering the Connector. The Wizard automatically generates a new ID to use as the Connector Type Id in the TIBCO Scribe® database. This is the unique identity of the Connector type.

The other requirement is to select the Serialization Format, the format of the message being consumed, either JSON or XML. For the Stripe project we chose JSON.


Generating The Stripe Message Connector Code

Analyzing The Stripe Connection

Starting The Stripe Messaging Framework Project

Reviewing Sample Stripe Connector Generated Code

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