Configuring Operations In The Integration Framework

The Integration Framework Wizard generates base code for each entity/operation configured in the Data section of the Wizard. To create or insert records into your datastore via the API of the application you are accessing, you must configure operations for each entity you modify. The API may not support all operations on all entities. For example, you may only be able to query an entity, but not create new records in that entity. Refer to the API documentation to determine which operations are permitted for each entity. Below is a code sample for the Update operation against the TIBCO Scribe® API.

Update Operation — Organization Entity — TIBCO Scribe® API

protected override IList<HttpCallDescription> ConfigureOperations()


// For each entity that supports target operations, configure an operation.

// Updates

var updateOrganization = this.Operations.Update<Organization>("/v1/orgs/" + this.OrgId);


return new List<HttpCallDescription> { updateOrganization };


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