Creating Classes

The Connector you develop using the Integration Framework must adhere to the rules of the API to which it connects. As you discover the API endpoints needed to perform either a query or an operation on the datastore, you must create classes that define the data structure for each object. For example, if you want to query for a TIBCO Scribe® Organization via the TIBCO Scribe® API, you must determine the structure of the Organization entity and create a class in your Visual Studio project that represents that structure.

Using an example from the TIBCO Scribe® API, the process for creating a Class file for the Organization entity is as follows:

  1. Navigate to the TIBCO Scribe® API Swagger documentation.
  2. Enter your TIBCO Scribe® credentials and click Set.
  3. Open the Organizations section.
  4. Open the GET option that returns information about a single Organization based on the Organization ID.
  5. Enter your TIBCO Scribe® Organization ID in the orgId field and click the Try it out! button.
  6. Copy all of the text in the Response Body.
  7. In Visual Studio, open your Connector project and navigate to the Root.css file.
  8. Highlight everything inside the outermost set of brackets.
  9. Select Edit > Paste Special > Paste JSON as Classes. The response generated by the API is converted to a class file.
  10. Use the class file to parse the data returned by the API to the Connector.

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