Testing The Integration Framework Connector

Be sure to perform tests on a different computer from the development computer.

  • Install the Connector as described in Installing A FCF Connector.
  • Make sure the Connector displays in TIBCO Scribe®.
  • Use the Connector in a TIBCO Scribe® Solution, and make sure it performs as expected:
    • The Connection dialog works and you can connect.
    • Connection data persists and can be edited.
    • It provides metadata. Ensure that the correct entities and fields for your Connection are displayed in the Map editor.
    • If you change your data’s schema and refresh metadata, the changes are displayed.
    • In the Map editor:
      • Does it provide source data?
      • Does it report metadata correctly for objects and fields?
      • Does each object report only the operations it can support?
      • Does each field correctly report whether it supports query, fetch, or lookup?

If you have errors when attempting to make API calls, use a tool, such as Fiddler, to review the calls sent from TIBCO Scribe®. To allow Fiddler to see the calls sent from TIBCO Scribe® to the API, you must modify an Agent configuration file. See Edit Agent Configuration for additional information.

If you see an error indicating that System.Collections.Immutable.dll could not be found, you need to download and install that DLL. See Download And Install The System.Collections.Immutable DLL.

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