Messaging Framework — Project Concepts

The Messaging Framework is a starter project containing preset methods used to configure a simple HTTP listening service. TIBCO Scribe® requires a small set of information to allow this Connector to process the inbound message. The Connector is the bridge or the map between the external system and TIBCO Scribe® and is installed on the Agent.

There are three areas of configuration required to create a Connector:

  • Wizard Process — Define values for Connector ID, Description, Name, Company Name, Application name, and format of the message (JSON/XML). See Running The Fast Connector Messaging Framework Wizard.
  • Message Properties — Define in the item.cs what the expected payload will look like. This code is initially generated by the Messaging Framework Wizard when you install the Messaging Framework project in Visual Studio. See Building A Messaging Framework Connector.
  • Processing Messages — Based on the item.cs, define in the connector.cs how the entity should be exposed to TIBCO Scribe®. See Creating Message Classes.

Each of these areas is started for you in the Messaging Framework project. You can continue to expand on what is already coded to accommodate the needs of your Connector.


Fast Connector Framework (FCF)